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Based in La Mesa, California we are the ultimate in San Diego Kratom. We have hand-picked and tested various strains of kratom from around the globe and have selected our favorites for quality and effect. We offer them here today to bring to life the same golden hour that we experience with these top-shelf hand-selected kratom varieties. Our mission is to provide the best Kratom, the widest variety, and most affordability possible. Our nano-kratom is very finely ground compared to the average kratom powders making for a very smooth and potent experience.


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Kratom pure and simple. We offer a nice variety of red, green, white, gold, and yellow strains each with their own charming characteristics. Also, contrary to some belief, all the various strain names do make a significant difference as each one has its own unique alkaloid profile. These various alkaloid profiles can act differently unique to the individual.

Red strains: People seem to notice these to be more relaxing and sedating. These are often best for nighttime use.

Green strains: The greens tend to be a little more energizing than the red and provide more focus. These lie between the red and the white.

White Strains: The white strains are the most energizing and are the best for morning and daytime use.

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Botanical Explorers

We have worked in the health food industry for years and have worked so hard towards perfecting our knowledge of the plant kingdom. We have love and respect for the natural world and feel honored to be offering such good quality kratom. Our goal is to explore all the different varieties of kratom out there, and discover the best strains available. The ones we sell are our personal favorites, until we find something better, because we strive for nothing but the best kratom leaf available. All the incredible medicines that planet earth has to offer is truly amazing, and we are so happy to be apart of it.

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