What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical tree that grows in south-eastern Asia. It grows wild in the forests along river banks and it is considered a semi-aquatic tree for this reason. It has been used for centuries as a celebratory beverage which induces sociability, calmness, energy, and general mood enhancement. It is also used for pain-management and Thai labor workers used it for energy by chewing the leaves.

Our Nano Kratom

It all started with a serendipitous meeting of an Indonesian farmer of great integrity. It was fate, because this kratom was unlike any other, it was personally the best we had ever experienced. This is when we knew for sure, we must share this with the world. We also source from other farmers as well to assure that each and every strain we hve is top-of-the-line. Our nano-kratom is ground to an extrmely find powder compared to that of micro-powder, which makes it more bio-available due to the smaller molecules, there more potent, and also more easily digested and processed by our system. Nano-kratom is the future of kratom, and is the next grade up, and we are very proud to offer it to you in our store. This is lab tested and is 100% Pure Grade A Kratom. New customer? We also have our first purchase promotion!

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How much to use:

Be sure to use a scale for accuracy.
Low: 1-4g
Medium: 3-6g
High: 5-8g
Very High: 7-12g

What is the best strain?

Simply put: it all depends on you! So we created this page to help pinpoint which strain will help you thrive no matter your goal. It also depends on your unique needs.  Listed below are all of our current strains followed by a brief description. More in-depth discussions can happen by contacting us. All of our kratom comes from family farms in Indonesia. They have decades of experience growing and processing kratom to bring out its unique celebratory features. The result is our current selection of authentic strains in their purist form which we are proud to offer!


SUPER RED: Ground from ‘super’ large leaves, this is said to result in a higher alkaloid content per gram. Considered a potent strain for this reason. Good for mood.

RED BALI: Leaves from lush, tropical growth in Bali, Indonesia. Good for pain relief and elevating mood.

RED THAI: This beautiful strain is known for promoting relaxation, mood enhancement, stress-relief, and it is often quite potent. The rich soils of Thailand really contribute to this potency. *Golden Hour favorite

SUPER RED BALI: This is a really nice strain because as explained above it has more alkaloids than the standard. The largest leaves are harvested which results in an increased potency. Good for mood, pain, and relaxation. *Golden Hour favorite

RED VIETNAM: This strain provides nice euphoria and relaxation.

RED MALAY: Known for being one of the most potent painkillers, and is also known for being the longest-lasting strain amongst the others.

RED INDO: Grown only in old and established forests of Indonesia. Good for whole-body relaxation and pain relief.

RED MAENG DA: A revered and classic strain. Can be useful for chronic pain such as achy joints and arthritis. It also has usage for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

RED KALI: This strain comes from Kalimantan, which is the Indonesian territory of the island, Borneo. Perfect to induce relaxation. Has a mild, long-lasting sedative effect and significant pain relieving qualities.

What are the red strains?

Our red-vein kratom is one of the most special types of kratom on the market. It comes from carefully grown and harvested leaves that are then dried in a very intriguing way. Many reds are even fermented, which further alters the alkaloid profile. Many find our reds to not only be very potent and amazing quality, but the reds are also known for being good for nighttime use. They seem to be more sedating and relaxing than the others, and they are also great for pain-relief. These also seem to be good for relaxation and stress-relief. The red strains are made from the mature leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. They are dried using copious amounts of sunlight and sometimes fermented. Because of the maturity of the leaves and the sunlit drying process, they have a unique alkaloid profile compared to the green, white, gold and yellow strains. These alkaloids are said to bring about feelings of relaxation and sedation. Reds have been shown to contain higher levels of 7-Hydroxymitragynine which aids in these effects. The red strains are the oldest leaves on the tree.

RED DRAGON: Good for daily use for those combating stressful situations, as it has potent stress-relieving qualities. Good for general aches and pains.

RED HULU KAPUAS: This strain is grown in the Hulu forest along the Kapuas river in Indonesia. It is strongly sedating, relaxing and feelings of euphoria. *Golden Hour favorite!

RED HORN: Rarer strain, harder to grow and cultivate. Celebrated for pain relieving and sedating effects. Called ‘horn’ because the leaf appears to have horn shaped edges.

RED SUMATRA: An Indonesian classic red, great after a long day, induces feelings of well-being and mental calm and body relaxation.

RED BENTUANGIE: This strain is often fermented to bring out an alkaloid profile unlike the rest. It is very sedating and great before bedtime. *Golden Hour favorite for sleep!

RED ELEPHANT: The leaves of this kratom tree are so large they resemble elephant ears. Offers big sedating effects, great for pain, depression and gives a sense of wellbeing.

RED BORNEO: Very popular the world over for its relaxing properties. An antidote for daily stresses and anxieties.

CHOCOLATE RED: Highly fermented until a rich chocolate color. Great for sleep, pain relief and a mood enhancer.


GREEN SUMATRA: This particular kratom has light colored leaves and is grown on the north-western part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is known for its stress-defying attributes, but it’s also good for being active at the same time.

GREEN KALI: This kratom comes from the island Kalimantan of Indonesia. Known for its pain-relief without losing any of its energy like some strains.

GREEN DRAGON: Good for panic attacks, and depression. Potent anti-anxiety. Pre-workout boost.

GREEN VIETNAM: Pain-relief, energy, and stimulation. A well-balanced strain.

GREEN MALAY: Great for pepping up. Also touted for its pain-relieving properties.

GREEN MAENG DA: A kratom classic, celebrated for its ability to relieve stress and pain and cultivate a peaceful outlook. Great for added energy.

GREEN BALI: Kicks up ones energy levels, anti-anxiety, relaxing, analgesic.

GREEN BENTUANGIE: This strain is typically fermented and results in a distinct alkaloid profile. It is moderately stimulating, mildly euphoric, and some people claim that it has an energetic onset that pleasantly fades into relaxation.

GREEN HULU KAPUAS: This stain is grown in the Hulu forest along the Kapuas river. Great for energy, sleep in higher does, depression and anxiety and has remarkable analgesic effects.

Our green kratom is some of the most potent kratom that we have in our shop. It is created with the middle-aged kratom leaves which are then harvested and dried. Our green kratom is an awesome middle-of-the-road strain that possesses both qualities from the white and red, and is known for being quite potent. Our farmers in Indonesia do a superb job in harvesting and processing these leaves into the beautiful green strains that they become. Good for anxiety, focus, energy, but also quite relaxing; a pleasant yet powerful calm energy. They can have the pain-relieving effects of the red, but the nootropic and energizing effects of the white. The greens are pretty well-rounded for this reason.

SUPER GREEN: This strain was harvested by carefully selecting the largest leaves from the tree. For this reason, it is said to have a higher alkaloid content.

GREEN THAI: For a green, this provides an extra energy boost compared to some of the others. Thailand’s alkaloid rich soil really makes the Thai strain quite potent.

GREEN INDO: This strain comes from the heart of Indonesia, and as a green, is known for having balanced energy, and is also beneficial for mood.

GREEN HORN: One of the rarest forms of kratom, and it is called horn due to the shape of the leaves as they seem to have horns on them, but other than that, very similar in appearance to Maeng Da. it is great for pain-relief, joint, and muscle-aches. Also is said to help a lot with depression. People have often used it for drug withdrawal as well.


GREEN ELEPHANT: Made from very large leaves, making the duration of this kratom slightly above average. Very energizing and euphoric. Mild analgesic effects.

GREEN BORNEO: Good for depressive thoughts, energizing and pain relieving.

WHITE INDO: A classic Indonesian strain. Great for mood. A little less stimulating than some of the other whites, but still quite effective.

WHITE MAENG DA: This strain is famous for its stimulating properties accompanied with its quick pain-relief.

WHITE KALI: Grown in the Kalimantan region this strain is known for its relaxation as well as its broad pain-relieving properties.

WHITE ELEPHANT: As with the red and green elephant, the leaves are very large. It is known for its increased duration as a result of these large leaves and the unique alkaloid profile it has. The effects are pretty relaxing, and from my experience, probably the most sedating of the whites I have tried.

WHITE SUMATRA: This white-veined strain growing on the island of Sumatra is quite interesting with its broad spectrum of effects. A very well-rounded strain here. Good for energy, pain-relief, relaxing, anxiety-relief, stress-relief, but well balanced and potent.

WHITE BORNEO: As you probably guessed, this strain is from the island of Borneo. It is often compared to the White Thai with its abundant stimulation and euphoria.

WHITE VIETNAM: Energizing, pain-relieving, and a strong sense of well-being is felt by many. This is a very well-rounded white strain.

WHITE MALAY: One of the smoothest of the white strains with mood-enhancement and energy.

What are the white strains?

Our white-vein kratom is some of the finest, most euphoric and energizing leaf powder around. It is cultivated from the youngest leaves on the kratom tree which are then crushed and dried. This process results in the unique properties that our white kratom has to offer. The white strains are known for being better for energy than the green strains, and also aid with anxiety, focus, and clarity. The white strains are supposed to be the most energizing strain of all; some are more so than others. They are also great for mood and focus. These strains are cultivated from the youngest leaves on the tree.

SUPER WHITE: This strain is going to typically be the most potent, because “super” indicates that the largest leaves were cultivated, which is said to contain the highest amount of alkaloids. Energizing. Analgesic. Euphoric. Good for mood.

WHITE THAI: A classic white strain favorite that originates from Thailand. It is especially good for energy and euphoria.

WHITE DRAGON: A very strong white strain. Powerful relaxation effects combined with a pleasant amount of stimulation and mood-enhancement.

WHITE BENTUANGIE: Enhances productivity and mood, and is known for having quite a bit of this energy.

WHITE BALI: Great for stress-relief. Relaxing and uplifting.

WHITE HULU KAPUAS: This stain is grown in the Hulu forest along the Kapuas river. Great for relaxation and alertness.

WHITE HORN: Quite rare. Smooth energy. Perfect stimulation combined with euphoria.

What are the green strains?


What are the gold strains?

Known for being the best when it comes to anxiety. The gold strains are much like a red, but they undergo a different drying method, which is therefore said to alter the alkaloid profile. They are definitely more stimulating than the reds, and they’re often known for their anxiety and stress-relieving qualities.

GOLD MAENG DA: Probably the most classic gold strain, this one is great for anxiety and for taking the edge off a little bit. It is a little more mild than other strains, but still very effective for its special uses.

GOLD BALI: The Gold Bali is more potent than the Maeng Da, but also much more sedating, so it packs a punch. Good for stress-relief and unwinding.


Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors, we do not intend to treat or diagnose. We are not in the position to make any sort of claims about kratom and its effects, but only share what we have read and experienced. Any information on this site is presented solely as the opinions of their respective authors who do not claim or profess to be medical professionals providing medical advice. Articles are strictly for educational purposes and information is not guaranteed to be factually correct. All info above is anecdotal, and from our own experience and opinion. Golden Hour Botanicals and its owners or employees cannot be held responsible for, and will not be liable for the inaccuracy or application of any information on this site.

What are the yellow strains?

YELLOW SUMATRA: A high potency and a high impact strain with a fair amount of energy. It helps relief anxiety and listlessness. Provides a clean and smooth pick-me-up.

The yellow strains are a bit more complicated than the others. They are said to be created by multiple methods such as picking the leaves in the latest stages of their lives, but also how they are dried. It is said that blending these different leaves together is part of it as well, but it’s sort of an Indonesian secret as to how exactly these yellow strains are created. Fermentation is also key to most of these yellows.Pain-relief. Concentration. Euphoria. Anxiety-relief etc..

SUPER YELLOW: This strain is potent, calm, and energizing. It is also known for being warm and euphoric. If you're going for calm energy, this is the go-to.

YELLOW MAENG DA: I have found this one to be amazing. It is energizing, but not as much as a white, and the euphoria is definitely high as well. It feels like it’s right in between green and white, and also very potent. *Golden Hour favorite

YELLOW VIETNAM: Balanced and full of energy and calmness simultaneously. Creates nice feelings of calm and bliss.



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